Tree of Faith

Every member and friend of Saint Giles is actively involved! Getting, being, and staying involved is one of the best ways to use your God-given gifts, make a meaningful difference, and nurture your relationship with God and others. When we are all involved, we grow as a community of faith. Each elder serves as a liaison to one or more ministry teams made up of volunteers who help in a variety of ways (at home, church, or in our community). Where would you like to serve?


Class of 2022

Elizabeth Abernathy

Clerk of Session

Nicole Goolsby

Youth Ministry

Susie Lavender

Worship Ministry

Mick Wilber

Administration & Staff Ministry

Class of 2023

Steve Allison

Property Ministry

Tom Augspurger

Mission Ministry

Peggy Forster

Children Ministry

Carol Pope

Adult Education Ministry

John Tracy

Stewardship Ministry

Class of 2024

Tripp Carter

Membership Ministry

Jean Smith

Fellowship Ministry