About Us

Who we are and what we are all about.

Our Statement of Core Identity:

We…   Welcome, Include, & Affirm

We are an open community of faith that believes in the transformative power of God.


We…   Invite & Grow:  

We invite others so we may all grow as a vibrant community of faith.


We…  Engage

We embrace a vision of discipleship where there’s room for everyone to serve, give, and grow.

Our Strategic Goals:


To spark engagement by refreshing our methods for inviting participation in church-essential activities while emphasizing individual calling and ensuring a place for all to serve, give, and grow.


To proactively cultivate relationships (both within and outside of church family) with emphasis on nurturing our community of faith while actively inviting new disciples to join us.

Programs & Ministries

To cultivate thriving and purposeful ministries that meet the needs of our church community while serving the larger communities.

Adopted January 21, 2019

Revised March 18, 2019